(Affln. No. 2132106, School Code: 59160)

School Fee

D.S.M. Oxford Public School is committed to provide qualitative education at least amount of fee as the school is situated in village area and catering the studants of farmers. So to enhance the educational qualification of the children of village farmars the school is facilitating the modarn & quality Education at very low fee. The fee chart is given below.

Class Fee
N.C. 700
L.K.G. To U.K.G 750
1st To 2nd 800
3rd To 4th 850
5th 900
6th 1000
7th 1100
8th 1200
9th 1800
10th 2000
11th 2200
12th 2400
Annual Charge 250
Computer Fee 2nd to 5th (Twice) 200
Computer Fee 5th To 8th (Twice) 400
Exam Fee N.C. to 1st (Twice) 150/160/180/200
Exam Fee 2nd to 5th (Twice) 250/280/300/300
Exam Fee 6th to 8th (Twice) 350/350/400
Exam Fee 9th to 12th (Twice) 600/700/700/700

Fee Deposit Rules
1. All the payable in advance or between 1st to 15th of the first month. If fee is not paid in full by 15th of the first month penalty of Rs. 5/- will be charged as per day..
2. Payments are to be made stictly within the time and date mentioned on the first page the fee book.
3. In case the booklet is lost, a duplicate booklet will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/- with the permission of the Principal only after obtaining a certificate from the parents regarding the loss.
4. Entry slip in the booklet has threes parts. Part - I is for the parent's Record, Part - II School's copy and Part - III is the Bank's Copy to be sent to school by the bank.
5. All dues must be clear before the examinations/tests or before the schedule date.